Top Ten Tuesday #8

Hello! Hello! Hello!

Today is Tuesday so you know what that means! It’s time for Top Ten Tuesday! Top Ten Tuesday is a bookish weekly meme that is currently run by Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s (February 25th, 2020) topic: Characters I’d Follow On Social Media.  Allons-y!

For today’s TTT, I decided to imagine what some of my favourite charcaters Twitter or Instagram would look like.

TTT 8 Baz
artwork by JunkKnight, Kevin Wada & dancingwdinosaurs

Baz from Carry On
Can you imagine the level of sass that Baz would bring to Twitter?

TTT 8 Rhys
artword by Anna Shoemaker, Charlie Bowater & CCCrystalClear

Rhysand from A Court of Thorns and Roses
I feel like it would just be Feyre going like WTF Rhysand!?! That and banter between Cassian and him.

TTT 8 Zu
Artwork by Lesya

Zuzana Nováková from Daughter of Smoke and Bone
I would love to follow Zu on IG. Her aesthetic would be so gorgeous. 

TTT 8 Luna
artwork by Sarah Conradsen

Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter
Luna would be an IG queen I feel. Just pics from her outings around Hogwarts looking for her shoes.

ttt 8 percy
artwork by savvyrenee

Percy from Percy Jackson
I feel like it would be just terrible puns and sassy comments about his friends.

TTT 8 Doreen
artwork by Gurihiru

Doreen Green from Squirrel Girl
I think we all know what Doreen’s Instagram would look like just squirrels, trees and acorns.

ttt 8 monty
artwork by ToriRyan90

Monty Montague from The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue
Can you even imagine what Monty would do if he had Instagram?

ttt 8 lemon fresh
artwork by Mona May

Lemon Fresh from Lifel1k3
Lemon would be all over Twitter I feel. She would be bringing in the sass and I would live for it.

Let’s chat!

Would you follow any of these? What were your choices this week? Leave me a comment.



22 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday #8

  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE your graphics on this! They’re so cute and realistic, and they’re just fabulous. Monty would be so fun to follow. And my gosh, I haven’t read LIFEL1K3 yet, but your graphic is just hilarious. I’ll be reading it this year, and I’ll be looking forward to meeting Lemon Fresh!

    Here’s my TTT post.


  2. MIR THIS POST IS AMAZING! Holy wow, I love it 😍 So creative and fresh. Definitely my favourite TTT this week! (Ok sorry I’ll stop gushing now I’m just super in love with these graphics haha) I haven’t read quite a few of these books and so don’t know the characters but I’d follow them after reading this post 😂 So good!


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