BLOG TOUR: Super Adjacent by Crystal Cestari – Review & Playlist+Dream Cast

I am so happy to be part of the blog tour for Super Adjacent by Crystal Cestari. 

super adjacent
My rating:
5 out of 5 stars
Genre: Young Adult, LGBT, Comics, Superheroes
Pages: 304
Pacing: Normal
Publisher:  Disney-Hyperion
Published: March 17th, 2020

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Claire has always wanted to work with superheroes, from collecting Warrior Nation cards as a kid to drafting “What to Say to a Hero” speeches in her diary. Now that she’s landed a coveted internship with the Chicago branch of Warrior Nation, Claire is ready to prove she belongs, super or not. But complicating plans is the newest WarNat hero, Girl Power (aka Joy), who happens to be egotistical and self-important . . . and pretty adorable.

Bridgette, meanwhile, wants out of WarNat. After years of dating the famous Vaporizer (aka Matt), she’s sick of playing second, or third, or five-hundredth fiddle to all the people-in-peril in the city of Chicago. Of course, once Bridgette meets Claire-who’s clearly in need of a mentor and wingman-giving up WarNat becomes slightly more complicated. It becomes a lot more complicated when Joy, Matt, and the rest of the heroes go missing, leaving only Claire and Bridgette to save the day.

In this fresh and funny take on the world of supers, author Crystal Cestari spotlights what it’s like to be the seemingly non-super half of a dynamic duo with banter-filled romance and bold rescues perfect for readers seeking a great escape– synopsis from Goodreads

my thoughts

I first was intrigued by the cover when I saw this book. I’m a fan of superhero stories. I love reading comics and watching the big blockbuster movies that are inspired by them. Seeing that this book was all about superheroes just not the ones with the superpowers was what caught my eye.

When we think about superheroes we usually think about the heroic part of their lives not what happens when they get home to their partner. Super Adjacent is all about the other half of the dynamic duos and what they deal with on a day today. Can you imagine in the age of Twitter and Instagram what type of comments Lois Lane or Mary Jane Watson would get?

I really loved that Crystal Cestari focused on the characters of Claire and Bridgette instead of their superhero partners. The book is told from the girls’ perspectives. It showed us an aspect that not a lot of comic book stories looked at yet. I could see this being done in comics too. They are at two very different places in their lives. Claire at the start of an internship at Warrior Nation and a relationship with the new warrior Girl Power. She is still in her honeymoon stage with it all but she’ll learn soon that everything is not just the hero saves the day. As for Brigette, she has been in a long-lasting relationship with Warrior Nation’s hero of the hour Vaporizer. She knows too well how it all goes, she’ll always come in second. I thought they were both were very strong characters and so interesting to follow along on their journey. There’s usually a voice I prefer in books with multiple points of views but I have to say in this one I enjoyed both equally. I was really invested in both their stories.

Super Adjacent was such a fun book. It had geeky references which you know I always love and had a ton of banter too. I really loved Crystal’s writing style and now want to go back and read more of her books. The pacing of the story was just right very similar to a comic book in terms of action. I don’t think I would change anything at all.

This book was such a surprise and I am so happy I got a chance to read it. If you like books like Geekerella and The Princess and the Fangirl, I think you would love this one as well.

Thank you to Disney-Hyperion, Netgalley and Fantastic Flying Book Club for providing an eArc in exchange for an honest review.
5 stars


You can listen to the playlist HERE

Mr Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra
Seven Nation Army by The Whites Stripes
Heroes (we could be) by Alesso, Tove Lo
To be Human by Sia, Labirinth
Save Me by Remy Zero
My Hero by Foo Fighters
Superheroes by The Script
Human by Of Monsters and Men
Hold On by Jet
Should I Stay or Should I Go by The Clash
Bad Guy by Billie Eilish
The Kids arent Alright by Fall Out Boys
I Will Wait by Mumford & Sons
Kick Ass by Superhero
Time to pretend by MGMT
Don’t You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds
Na Na Na (Na Na Na NA Na Na) by My Chemical Romance
Friday I’m in Loce by The Cure
Sabotage by Beastie Boys

Dream Cast

Oh dear, why I’m not sure who the young actors are anymore so why oh why did I do this myself lol. OK let me think…

Spider-Man: Far From Home Premiere
I think Zendaya would be amazing in this role.

Joy aka Girl Power: We know Chloë Grace Moretz kicks ass (no pun intended, well maybe a little) she would be amazing as the new addition to Warrior Nation

Lily collins
Bridgette: I think someone like Lily Collins could totally pull off this artsy character.

richard madden
Matt aka Vaporizer: ok he might be a bit old-ish for this role but he certainly has the built for it (and this isn’t because I want to see him in spandex, not at all lol) but Richard Madden could be a damn good superhero.

About the author

View More: has been my jam since I was very young. In fact, in fifth grade we filled out a profile declaring what we would be doing as adults. I wrote I wanted to be an author because: “I love reading and stories, and want to share that love.” My elementary-school self was very wise, because that sentiment holds true today.
I live just outside Chicago with my daughter. My likes include ice cream and bulldogs, and dislikes span from broccoli to wet sneakers on linoleum (the worst). I always carry around a notebook to scribble down ideas. Writing longhand works best for me (even though it’s the slowest method ever) because looking at a blank piece of paper is somehow less intimidating than a blank screen. Plus, there are so many pretty notebooks and pens to doodle with!

The Best Kind of Magic is my first YA novel, and I can’t wait to share it! Shoot me a message if you’d like; happy reading, fellow Goodreader!

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5 thoughts on “BLOG TOUR: Super Adjacent by Crystal Cestari – Review & Playlist+Dream Cast

  1. I mean, of course it isn’t because you want to see Richard Madden in spandex! 🙃🤣 That’s not the only thing I took away from this review though, I swear! Haha this sounds like a really interesting and entertaining read! I’m definitely going to be checking this one out coz I loove that cover! I don’t read that much about superheroes (comics wise) but I do love the superhero flicks 😍 Fab review, Mir!


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