Let’s Talk Bookish: Qualifications for a book Boyfriend/Girlfriend

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Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme, created and hosted by Rukky @Eternity Books and Dani @Literary Lion, where each week a prompt featuring a book related question is posted.

This week’s (April 9th, 2021) topic: Qualifications for a book Boyfriend/Girlfriend.  Allons-y!

I’ve been thinking about this a good part of the week and I find it hard to pin point on one thing that makes up a good GF or BF. I am so over the place with what I consider to be good qualifications for this. Sometimes I crush on a character because they are sensitive and nice like Levi in Fangirl and other times I’m just here lusting after a complicated soul like Kaz Brekker from Six of Crows. But I think i narrowed it down to a few qualities that I look for.

Funny – I don’t care who you or what you look like, if you can make me laugh I’m yours. I am definitely falling head over heels for Lemon Fresh from Lifel1k3.

Banter – I will squeel like a school girl when there is good banter in a book like in Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller. Her banter game is on point.

Mysterious – tell me one person that doesn’t go for that mysterious type.

Sensitive – Who doesn’t gush over the sensitive and caring character as Levi from Fangirl.

Fierce and independant – I am just a sucker for a lady that can make it on her own and defies all social conventions like Audrey Rose in Stalking Jack the Ripper or my number one GF Mia from Nevernight.

And all of this depends on how I connect with the writing as well. Some characters might have the same qualities as the ones I enumerated but if I find the writing a bit bland it’s likely I won’t be as enthralled with the character as at other times.

Let’s chat!

What makes good qualifications for a book girlfriend or boyfriend for you? Leave me a comment.


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