About me

Hello! My name is…

Hey everyone, Mir here! So happy you dropped by my blog.

I decided to make this blog to share my love of books and it also gives my a place to showcase my bookish shop Fangirl Pixie Jar.

Here are a couple a facts about me:

1- If you haven’t guessed it by my name yet, I am French (well French Canadian). I live in “La Belle Province” of Quebec in Canada

2- I love to travel


3- I’m a geek. Favourite TV shows include Doctor Who (why is it always so long before we get a new season), Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Daredevil, Constantine (still salty they cancelled it), Supernatural. Favourite Movies include all the MCU universe, Star Wars, LOTR and Harry Potter.

4- I’m a cat enthusiast (if you hadn’t noticed). I have one furbaby named Michonne, yes after the Walking Dead character. She’s pretty high maintenance (what cat isn’t really) but is also very sweet and lets me dress her up whenever I want.

5- I’m a reader. I read mostly fantasy and sci-fi, though I will read pretty much anything. Favourite books include anything by Jay Kristoff, Red, White and Royal Blue, Carry On, The Raven Boys, The Devouring Gray, Gideon the Ninth, Strange the Dreamer, just to name a few.

6- I’m also the co-admin of the Facebook online bookish community, TBR and Beyond and co-blog with my buddy Melanie @ www.tbrandbeyond.com. Come check out our blog!

7- Oh yeah and my favourite colour is pink.

About Fangirl Pixie Jar:

I’ve been making jewelry for a couple of years now but it was really in 2017 that I decided to revamp my Etsy shop and created Fangirl Pixie Jar. My inspiration for my items came from my love of reading and wanting merch from my favourite literary fandoms. In my shop, you’ll find bookish items inspired by some pop culture fandom but mostly by Young Adult books.

Thank you again for stopping by.