Darkdawn SPECIAL EDITION Boxes Spoilers!!!

I think you guys know by now that I am a bit obsessed with the Nevernight Chronicles by Jay Kristoff. Darkdawn was released in September and to celebrate the last book in the trilogy a lot of Book Boxes decided to do a Special Edition box. So you know me I had to get them, all of them! I decided to share my thoughts and compare them. Let’s get to it.

Alchemy + Ink – True Dark Box

Click on the pics for a closer look

Let’s start by the box that didn’t have a copy of the book in it.

  • Cloak of Shadows Blanket – designed by Alchemy + Ink
  • Daughter of Words pens – designed by Alchemy + Ink
  • The Lovers Wall Hanging – designed by Monolimeart
  • This Blood Your Wine Glass – designed by Alchemy + Ink
  • True Dark T-Shirt – designed by Forensicsandflowers
  • Exclusive Enamel Pin -designed by Alchemy + Ink
  • Mia Covere Candle – designed by Alchemy + Ink

I really liked this box. Initially, I got it for the blanket which is amazingly soft and really bigger than I expected it to be but all the items are super nice. I do find the pens a bit old fashioned but it’s ok the profanity on them make up for it. I will definitely use all the items in this box.


Faecrate – Darkdawn Book Hangover Recovery Kit

Click on the pics for a closer look
  • Tric Enamel Pin – designed by Monolime Art
  • Mia, Ashlinn & Aelius sturdy print – designed by Taratjah
  • Metal cuff bracelet – unknown designer (probably Faecrate)
  • Spriderwalker Tumbler – designed by Niru Sky
  • Mia Plushie – unknown designer (probably Faecrate)
  • Chararcter Card Set – unknown artist
  • Gravestone Dagger USB key – unknown designer (probably Faecrate)
  • Oversize Pouch (missing from pic, I used it already) – designed by KDP Letters
  • Crow’s Swagger Room Spray – by Nerdy Potions Co.
  • Gladiatii Sun Shade – designed by Natendo Art
  • Collector’s coin – designed by Faecrate
  • Dustjacket Set -designed by Nan Fe
  • Deleted Scene Three 
  • Darkdawn US hardcover

This is the first Hangover Recovery Kit I ever got from Faecrate. They lured me in with the dustjacket set by Nan Fe. Just for those, it was worth the money I spent to get it to Canada. I did like the box overall, there are a couple items that I now I will not use as the sun shade. I do own a car I just don’t need something like this since my car is always in an indoor garage. I will probably try to sell it or just trash it. My favourite items in the box besides the dustjackets are the pouch, the tumbler and the plushie (it’s just the cutest!!!)


Shelflove Crate – Godsgrave Gateway Box

Click on the pics for a closer look
  • Godsgrave Blanket – designed by NoveranTale
  • Mia & Tric Chess Piece – designed by Silke Tara
  • Godsgrave Sticker – designed by Ink & Wonder Design
  • Godsgrave Enamel Pin – designed by Dust & Pages
  • Character Cards – designed by Siana Dworak
  • Book Sleeve – designed by KDP Letters
  • Mia Corvere Mug – designed by Kira Night
  • Mr Kindly Spoon
  • Mia and her shadow companions Book Ends – designed by Sallteas
  • Assassin’s Sleep Mask – designed by Team Shelflove
  • Pillow Case – designed by Blanca Design
  • Familia Corvere Woodmark – designed by In. The. Reads.
  • Blood Walk Bath Crumble – designed by Behind The Pages
  • Darkdawn US hardcover + Deleted scene Three

I love Shelflove, I know they are having a lot of issues and it does get tiring but I always think they boxes are stellar. It’s my first time getting one of their special boxes because they are really expensive with the rate of exchange and shipping. But I had to get this one since it was for my favourite series. Though I do enjoy most of the box I have to admit that of all four of the special boxes I got this might be my least favourite. The blanket though it’s lovely is more of a throw. I might just put it on my reading chair but it’s not really something I use. The bookends are cute but I would’ve preferred something in metal like they did in the past. These are super hard to read and look kind of cheap if I’m being honest. Don’t even get me started on the booksleeve. It’s really cute but that’s exactly the problem, it’s cute and not very Nevernight to me. The flowery design doesn’t fit the books at all in my view. Compared to the ones in other boxes this one doesn’t match up at all. The Mr Kindly spoon seems like an item that they had lying around and decided to add to the mix. My favourite items in the box are the sleep mask, the pillowcase, the chess pieces and the sticker.

Illumicrate – Blood & Blades Box

Click on the pics for a closer look
  • Good Night Kiss Mug – designed by Rosie Thorns
  • Mr Kindly & Eclipse Blanket – designed by Yoshi Yoshitani
  • Story To Tell Booksleeve– designed by Chatty Nora & Monolime Art
  • Itreya Wooden Map – designed by Virginia Allyn
  • Nevernight Pin Set – designed by Fable and Black
  • Mr Kindly Bath Bomb – designed by Geekyclean
  • Hard at Work Foil Art Print – designed by Arz
  • Corvere Crest Necklace – designed by Danielle
  • Mia Figurine – designed by Illumicrate
  • Character Bookmark Set – designed by Merwild
  • Nevernight Short-Form Series Extra
  • Collectible Coin – designed by Monolime Art
  • Deleted Scene Three 
  • Darkdawn UK hardcover with yellow sprayed edges

I love everything in this box they did a brilliant job at curating it. The blanket is a bit smaller than the others but the design of it is so gorgeous. The booksleeve is GORGEOUS!!!! It’s in a leathery material and just amazing. I can’t stop gushing over how beautiful it is. And that vinyl figure of Mia, Hello!!! How astounding is that? I can’t wait to get new bookshelves and dedicate a whole row to Jay Kristoff. The mug is so pretty. This whole box is amazing. My favourite items in the box are the whole box!!!!

5 books longer

Final thoughts

I am really happy got all of these even if it was hella expensive. Though I did not enjoy all the items in every box there is not one box that I regret buying. Like I mentioned if I had to state my favourite our of all of these I have to say Illumicrate. The quality of every item is astonishing.

5 books longer

What did you guys think? Have you gotten any of these boxes?