Cleaning up my TBR! Books I lost interest in.

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Recently I was looking through my pile of unread books trying to figure out which one to use for a Bookstagram prompt and realized there were many books that I just lost interest in. So I decided to clean out my TBR and of course, I had to share with all of you. Allons-y!
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I made it to 100 followers!!!! Giveaway!

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Oh my gosh! It’s only been 19 days since I launched my blog and I already made it to 100 followers. This is crazy!!!!! I feel so overwhelmed by the generosity of the bookish community that I want to give back. What better way than with a giveaway!!! Allons-y!

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My Favourite Read of 2019

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This was a super hard list to make. I read so many amazing books this year but I was able to narrow it down to the following 10 books. Oddly enough, my top picks are all 2019 releases and a lot of them are debut authors. Ok, let’s get down to business, these are in no particular order :
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